Award for Energy Conservation

GPA Midstream’s Award for Energy Conservation recognizes companies demonstrating initiative and/or leadership in implementing energy conservation programs and projects in midstream sector activities. For GPSA companies, the award recognizes successful, innovative energy conservation projects or products. Winners are determined by an independent panel comprised of GPA Midstream Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance Committee members.

Award Recipients:


Saudi Aramco

At its Fadhili Gas Plant, Saudi Aramco used its own byproducts to generate electricity and achieve measurable reductions in energy, emissions and costs.


DCP Midstream

DCP Midstream earned the award for a project that replaced six integral compression units with three high speed separable compression units at one of its facilities. The replacement with the more efficient units resulted in multiple benefits, including efficiency improvements in use of fuel, and machinery and manpower, while consistently delivering production to end-users.



ONEOK earned the 2019 honor for an energy load shedding program that was implemented to reduce energy consumption across its operating system.