Technical Committees Onboarding / Mentorship Program

The Technical Committees Onboarding / Mentorship Program (TCOMP) pairs experienced committee members (mentors) with new midstream industry employees or first-time event attendees (mentees) employed by GPA Midstream and GPSA member companies who are looking for support and guidance to get more value out of their GPA Midstream Technical Conference or Annual Convention attendance. 

This program encourages long-term integration of member company employees into the associations’ technical activities. Successful onboarding means a mentee contributes faster, feels welcome in the associations’ technical community, and actively participates in at least one technical committee.  

Mentors receive a 50% refund of their event registration cost for their participation. First time mentees from GPA Midstream and GPSA member companies also receive a 50% refund upon successful completion of the program.  Nonmembers and return mentees can participate but will not be eligible for the financial incentive.

Before an event, mentees must complete an application, and mentors must complete a volunteer form. The information is used to match mentors with mentees. Matches are assigned according to job responsibilities, employer type, and employer size in that priority order. 

At the beginning of an event, an orientation session will be held to familiarize attendees with GPA Midstream and GPSA, the technical portion of the associations (referred to as the technical community), committee structure and protocols, and resources available to member company employees. During the event mentees will shadow their mentors. Since mentors and mentees will have similar jobs, mentors will share the value of attending various sessions and meetings, explain unknown terms, introduce mentees to worthwhile individuals, and answer mentee questions. After the event, participants complete surveys to provide feedback for use in improving the program. Registration refunds will be processed after attendance is verified and completed surveys turned in.

Mentee Orientation Topics

Mentor orientation will cover mentorship best practices.

Event Expectations: