About GPA Midstream Membership

Membership in the association follows the calendar year and is open to any organization (partnership, firm or corporation) or individual with an interest in the midstream industry.

Each member falls within one of six dues structure classes: O1, O2, O3, O4, International and Associate.

Each member company has one designated individual known as the GPA Midstream Official Representative who represents the company in association business and governance. Once a company joins, any employee of that company is welcome to become involved in GPA Midstream committees and other association activities. GPA Midstream also has chapter organizations that operate independently and offer opportunities for individual memberships, which provide an excellent avenue for networking in your region.  Chapter organizations hold regular meetings, offer educational and networking opportunities and discuss the latest industry developments and technology.

Membership Benefits

Leading Edge Research

The GPA Midstream cooperative research program has received worldwide recognition because of its successes and benefits to the global midstream industry. Over the past 40 years, a vast amount of data have been collected from GPA Midstream-led research efforts. With GPA Midstream membership comes privileges and access to standards, research reports, technical publications and bulletins. Learn more about the GPA Midstream Research Program.


Any employee of a GPA Midstream member company has access to our cloud-based GPA Midstream and GPSA publications, including research reports and the GPSA Engineering Data Book. Members also have access to free downloads of GPA Midstream standards, manuals and meeting presentations, and members may make these valuable resources available on their company intranets.


For all companies, small, mid-size and large, GPA Midstream’s presence on Capitol Hill, enhanced communications with legislators and regulators, and heightened focus on state midstream issues in the key states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming, serve to protect members’ interests in matters that companies might not otherwise be involved. For major companies, our proactive involvement in the areas described will not only supplement what your people with such responsibilities are doing, but also serve as an extension to their capabilities. Of the many natural gas industry associations, GPA Midstream is the only one that focuses primarily on midstream advocacy. Recent GPA Midstream advocacy efforts on key federal and state regulations have had significant impacts on reducing compliance elements and ultimately costs to member companies. Our efforts on RICE MACT, GHGRR Subpart W and NSPS Subpart OOOO alone saved GPA Midstream member companies hundreds of millions of dollars initially and tens of millions annually.


The GPA Midstream Awards Program is one of the most visible means that GPA Midstream meets an obligation to more fully develop the midstream industry. These awards are tangible, public evidence of appreciation by the industry, the association, and industry colleagues to those individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement and development of the midstream industry. GPA Midstream Safety Awards recognize companies with outstanding industry safety records.

Networking Opportunities

GPA Midstream hosts the premier yearly gathering of midstream industry professionals, the GPA Midstream Convention. The event attracts more than 2,000 attendees representing 450 companies and nearly 20 countries each year, providing an unparalled opportunity to share best practices, receive the industry’s latest legislative and regulatory information and benefit from technical sessions led by industry experts. GPA Midstream also has a network of chapter organizations that operate independently and offer opportunities for individual memberships and provide an excellent avenue for networking in your particular region. Chapter organizations hold periodical meetings and offer educational and networking opportunities specific to their regions. Visit www.GPAmidstreamconvention.org for more information.

Exclusive Member Rates

Your GPA Midstream membership provides highly discounted prices on the entire database of GPA Midstream Publications, the GPA Midstream Convention and other association activities.GPA Midstream members also receive discounts on the Energy Web Atlas (EWA), a comprehensive source of data for facilities and installations in the U.S. natural gas industry. The web-based GIS application includes detailed data on more than 500 US gas processing plants, 400 natural gas underground storage locations, and 58 natural gas market hubs. Learn more.

GPSA Member

Leadership opportunities

Join a committee and strengthen your leadership skills while playing a key role in your profession and the industry’s future. Discuss ideas with peers and stay abreast of current issues facing the industry. GPA Midstream has a number of committees through which you can explore your specific areas of interest. Learn more about GPA Midstream committees.

Membership Dues

Through December 2024

Annual Dues:


Members that report 1 million or more midstream operational work hours
>481 operational employees
Annual Dues:


Companies that report between 200,000 to 1 million midstream operational work hours
95-480 operational employees
Annual Dues:


Members that report between 50,000 and 200,000 midstream operational work hours
25-94 operational employees
Annual Dues:


Members that report less than 50,000 midstream operational work hours
<24 operational employees
Annual Dues:


Companies or individuals with an interest in the midstream industry but have no midstream operational work hours.
Annual Dues:


Companies that have midstream operational work hours whose headquarters and operations are outside the United States.

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