GHG Measurement & Abatement (Emissions Committee)

GPA Midstream’s GHG Measurement & Abatement Committee is responsible for technical matters concerning the measurement, quantification, and abatement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and associated environmental impacts that originate from midstream facilities. This group consistently studies the best ways to measure GHG emissions. They research technologies for measuring GHG emissions in different environmental, geographic, and production facility settings. Their aim is to improve how emissions are measured under various environmental conditions. This committee meets twice per year, usually in April and September.

GHG Measurement & Abatement Committee Charter

Committee Leadership

Chair: Andrew Parker, SPL
Vice Chair: Mark Scripsick, Momentum Energy
GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne

Typical Committee Member

A typical committee member includes individuals with appropriate job responsibilities and/or expertise related to this committee's work. This committee accepts volunteers with appropriate experience, and members may also be assigned by a GPA Midstream member company.

Current Committee Members

GPA Midstream and GPSA members on the committee as of January 16, 2024 include:

Archrock, Inc.
Audubon Engineering Company
Cameron, A Schlumberger Company
Chevron North American Production
Clean Connect
Cooper Machinery Services
Enterprise Products Operating LP
Harvest Midstream
Heath Consultants Incorporated
Hess Midstream
Howard Energy Midstream Partners
JP3 Measurement
Kinetik Holdings
Kuva Systems
Lamar University
Midstream Energy Group, Inc.
Momentum Midstream
Operational Sustainability, LLC
Phillips 66
Pinnacle Midstream II LLC
Quorum Software
San Mateo Midstream
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
SPL, Inc.
West Texas Gas
Western Midstream Partners, LP

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

The committee works with other GPA Midstream technical committees and outside organizations such as American Gas Association, Energy Infrastructure Council, Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative, Oil & Gas Methane Partnership, American Petroleum Institute, and others.