Facility Design, Operation & Maintenance (Facility Committee)

GPA Midstream’s Facility Design, Operation & Maintenance group is responsible for technical matters concerning midstream facilities design, operations and maintenance. The committee maintains a continuing study of all phases of midstream facilities design (process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation) including construction, startup, process safety management design related issues, optimization, and modification. They also serve as a forum for personnel involved in operations and maintenance of midstream facilities to share and improve practices and procedures. This group maintains a list of topics identified to consider addressing, such as preventative maintenance programs, plant turnarounds and vendor alliances. This committee meets twice per year, usually in April and October.

Faclity, Design, Operation & Maintenance Committee Charter

Committee Leadership

Chair: David Beck, Audubon
Vice Chair: Drew Vincent, Targa Resources
Young Professionals Liaison: Emilie Asbury, River City Engineering
GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne

Typical Committee Member

A typical committee member is an individual with appropriate job responsibilities or expertise related to the committee's work. This committee accepts volunteers with appropriate experience, and individuals may also be assigned by a GPA Midstream member company.

Current Committee Members

GPA Midstream and GPSA members on the committee as of 02-01-2022 include:

Afton Pumps, Inc.
AUX Sable Liquid Products Inc.
Azota Gas Processing, Ltd.
Barry D. Payne & Associates - Mangan  Inc.
BCCK Holding
Black & Veatch Corp.
Blair Engineering
Cameron, A Schlumberger Company
Cardinal Midstream Partners
Caterpillar, Inc.
Chart Industries
CoreWorks, LLC
Encore Oilfield Services, LLC
Energy Transfer Co.
EnLink Midstream
Enterprise Products Operating LP
Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
GasTech Engineering, LLC
Great Western Valve, Inc.
Hess Midstream
Howard Energy Partners
Hunt, Guillot & Associates
Huntsman Corp.
Iron Horse Midstream, LLC
J. H. Foglietta Consulting, LLC
John Zink Company, LLC
Kahuna Ventures
Kinder Morgan
Linde Engineering Americas
Lummus Technology
Marathon Petroleum Corp.
Medallion Midstream
Momentum Midstream
Mustang Gas Products, LLC
NTACT Operations, LLC
PetroSkills/John M. Campbell  
Phillips 66
Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd.
Pinnacle Midstream II LLC
Raffinate Technologies
River City Engineering
Salt Creek Midstream
Siemens Energy
Southern Heat Exchanger
Superior Midstream, LLC
Targa Resources, Inc.
Triumph Gas Technology Consulting
TTS Midstream
Union Tech
Vintri Technologies LTD
Watson Millican & Co.
Western Midstream Partners, LP

Benefits of Committee Membership

Members can personally and professionally benefit from the sharing of technological knowledge, assimilating best practices and participating in the design of gas gathering and processing facilities. Additionally, members benefit from the sharing of operation and maintenance practices and procedures, as well as networking.

Products & Services

The committee maintains a continuing study of all phases of gas processing and gathering facilities design, operations and maintenance (process, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation) including construction, startup, process safety management design related issues, optimization and modification. The section maintains the following documents and publications:

  • GPA Midstream Facilities Design Recommended Practices

  • GPA Midstream Survey of Recent Plant Spacing Recommendations

  • GPA Midstream Facilities Design & Optimization Training Resources List

  • GPA Midstream Check Lists for Energy Conservation in Gas Processing Plants

  • GPA Midstream Plant Project and Design Checklist

  • GPSA Data Book Spreadsheets/Formulas

  • GPA Plant Operations Test Manual

  • O&M Maintenance Practice Guidance

  • Amines System Operations Guidelines

Facility Committee Workgroups

Digital / Mobile Technology for O&M Applications
Emission Control Guidance
Midstream Facilities Optimization Check Lists
Operator Checklists for Select Plant Equipment
Plant Project and Design Checklist
Process Control in Gas Processing Facilities Guideline

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

The committee works with other GPA Midstream technical committees and outside organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Chemical Safety Board (CSB), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).