Midstream Industry Asset/Mechanical Integrity (Integrity Committee)

GPA Midstream’s Industry Asset and Mechnical Integrity group has three main charges: 1) responsibility for all technical matters concerning midstream Asset Integrity compliance management, including Process Safety Management disciplines for safety and integrity-related principles. 2) providing insight and guidance on a wide range of integrity compliance topics including gas compressor stations, natural gas gathering, treating and processing plants, NGL fractionation, storage, pump stations, and much more. 3) offer key insights on OSHA 1910.119 compliance for PSM facility activities.

Midstream Industry Asset and Mechanical Integrity Committee Charter

Committee Leadership

Chair: Rick Seaver, Williams
Vice Chair: Jay Ardrey, ONEOK
Young Professionals Liaison: TBD
GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Martin Erne

Typical Committee Member

A typical committee member includes those with applicable job responsibilities and/or expertise (i.e. lab personnel). This committee accepts volunteers with appropriate experience, and members may also be recommended or assigned by a GPA Midstream member company.

Current Committee Members

GPA Midstream and GPSA members on the committee as of 02-01-2022 include:

Acuren Inspection  Inc
Audubon Engineering Company
Baltimore Aircoil Co.
Becht    BPX Energy, Inc.
Canes Midstream, LLC
Chart Industries
CoreWorks, LLC
Energy Transfer Co.
EnLink Midstream
Enterprise Products Operating LP
Evident Scientific
GasTech Engineering, LLC
Great Western Valve, Inc.
Houston Integrity Consultants
Kiefner and Associates, Inc.
Kinder Morgan
Kinetik Holdings
Lilly Consulting
Operational Sustainability, LLC
Phillips 66
Pinnacle Midstream II LLC
Pond & Company, Inc.
San Mateo Midstream
Stress Engineering Services
Superior Midstream, LLC
Targa Resources, Inc.
TTS Midstream
Union Tech
Vintri Technologies LTD
Western Midstream Partners, LP
XCEL Group

Benefits of Committee Membership

Members have the opportunity to participate in the development, refinement and implementation of the midstream industry’s sampling procedures, specification test methods and analytical methods.

Members can also benefit from insight into midstream, refining and petrochemical industry trends and regulations and also from the opportunity to develop specifications for the midstream industry.

Networking opportunities are abundant with committee involvement, and committee members are able to share information and their own experiences related to sampling and testing procedures. This group also receives extensive exposure to industry standards and methods.

Products & Services

This committee plans to develop and maintains the GPSA Data Book Spreadsheets/Formulas associated with Asset Integrity guidelines.

More documents assigned to this group will be available in the future.

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

Aside from working with GPA Midstream’s other technical committees, committee members also work with the American Petroleum Institute (API), National Board of Pressure Vessels (NBIC), Chemical Safety Board (CSB), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration(PHMSA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and others.