GPA Midstream’s cooperative research program has received worldwide recognition because of its successes and benefits to the global midstream industry. For more than 50 years, our program has been a successful model for leveraged research and has helped provide the basic data needed to increase the efficiency and environmental performance of gas processing facilities. Data from the program have been used in all facets of gas processing and treating design and operation, with an estimated value worth more than 10 times its $14 million investment.

For GPA Midstream members, the cooperative approach has proved to be especially practical, economical and efficient because it eliminates the needless duplication of individual company research. In addition, history has shown that GPA Midstream research projects have stimulated additional research by other organizations and companies, so that total benefits accruing to the industry go substantially beyond the results obtained from just the association’s efforts.

How Projects Are Determined

The selection of projects presented and administered by GPA Midstream is attributed to the members of GPA Midstream’s two technical section sub-groups that oversee the process and the projects. These committee members are highly knowledgeable of the challenges faced by this industry on a day-to-day basis, and they know the availability, or lack, of data necessary for the resolution of the key issues. It is such in-depth knowledge - both theoretical and practical - of data and processes that make them proficient in guiding and evaluating this research effort.

In addition to the individual knowledge that each committee member brings, the collective synergy from the groups results in excellent supervision and assessment of the new and continuing research, ensuring that GPA Midstream member companies receive the maximum benefit in return for their funding contributions.

Research Funding

The 2020 research budget is $650,000, and GPA Midstream members contribute a combined $300,000 toward that amount through their annual dues. For 2020, GPA Midstream has directed $50,000 from GPSA members’ commitments and research reserve funds to the overall budget to help reduce the funding obligation of member companies. GPA Midstream has also directed $300,000 of funding from the Propane Education Research Council (PERC) to supplement the overall budget. This PERC support is greatly appreciated and will be a great help in continuing GPA Midstream’s efforts to provide valuable process data to the midstream industry.

For detailed information about GPA Midstream’s continuing, new and completed projects, take a look at GPA Midstream’s 2020 Research Brochure (PDF).

All GPA Midstream members contribute to the research program through their annual dues, and a number of other companies also support the program on a voluntary basis. GPA Midstream would welcome your company's contribution to our research program. Your company's participation in the program is critical to keeping GPA Midstream on the leading edge of technological advancements in the industry, and a benefit of supporting the program is receiving free electronic copies of GPA Midstream Research Reports. Download the research commitment form (.docx) to make a contribution.