2024 Environmental Excellence Awards applications due June 28

Every year, GPA Midstream and GPSA member companies work to improve their interaction with the environment. The best of the best of those efforts are recognized with the GPA Midstream Environmental Excellence Awards annually in September.

The deadline for the 2024 awards is June 28. The applications allow the nominees to demonstrate their initiative or leadership in managing their environmental affairs in midstream sector activities.

For GPSA members, the focus is on companies that develop successful, innovative environmental solutions.

Award winners will have an opportunity to present their projects at the GPA Midstream Convention in San Antonio Sept. 22-25 so others can benefit from their best practices.

GPA Midstream members have two award categories: member companies classified as O1 and O2 compete for the Division 1 award, and all other GPA Midstream member companies, including international companies and businesses that have GPA Midstream Associate memberships, compete for the Division II award.

GPSA member companies compete for a single GPSA award. The previous year’s winners were Western Midstream and Saudi Aramco.

Download the official Environmental Excellence Award application here.

For more information, contact GPA Midstream Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Matt Hite.