GPA Midstream announces 2022 Safety Award Winners

GPA Midstream Association congratulates recipients of industry awards for their outstanding safety records in 2022.

“For the midstream industry, safety is the top priority,” said Joel Moxley, President and CEO of GPA Midstream. “The value we place on people and the environment is evident in the careful planning and attention to detail shown daily in our operations. These annual awards recognize companies leading the way with robust programs and technologies that proactively identify and address risks to protect workers and communities where we operate.”

Founded in 1921, GPA Midstream sets standards for natural gas liquids, develops simple and reproducible test methods to define the industry’s raw materials and products, manages a worldwide cooperative research program, provides a voice for the midstream industry on Capitol Hill, and is the go-to resource for technical reports and publications. Learn more at GPAMidstream.org.

GPA Midstream recognizes top safety performances from U.S. and international companies in four divisions determined by total operational work hours.

GPA Midstream Safety Awards

Division I — one million or more midstream operational work hours

United States

1st place — ONEOK

2nd place — Enterprise Products


1st place — United Gas Derivatives Company (UGDC)

2nd place — Saudi Aramco – Gas Plants

Division II — 200,000 to 999,999 midstream operational work hours

United States

1st place — Howard Midstream Energy Partners

2nd place — Aux Sable Liquid Products


1st place — Phoenix Park Gas Processors, Ltd.

Division III — 50,000 to 199,999 midstream operational work hours

United States

1st place — SCM Operations, LLC

2nd place — Superior Pipeline Company

Division IV — less than 50,000 midstream operational work hours

United States

1st place — Carrera Gas Companies, LLC

2nd place — Chevron

Chairman’s Award for Safety Improvement

GPA Midstream recognizes companies that made notable improvements to their safety performance over previous years. Companies honored for 2022:

• Carrera

• EnLink Midstream

• Enterprise Products

• Mustang Fuel Corporation


• Plains All American (PAA)

• United Gas Derivatives (UGDC)

Perfect Record Awards

In 2022, 19 member companies earned the GPA Midstream Perfect Record Award by sustaining no lost-time accidents. Those companies are:

• Aux Sable Liquid Products

• Carrera Gas Companies, LLC

• Chevron

• Clearfork Midstream, LLC

• ConocoPhillips

• Durango Midstream LLC

• Enerfin Resources Company

• EnLink Midstream

• Howard Midstream Energy Partners

• Iron Horse Midstream, LLC

• Medallion Pipeline Company, LLC

• Momentum Midstream

• Mustang Gas Products

• Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited

• Pinnacle Midstream II

• Plains All American (PAA)

• SCM Operations, LLC

• Superior Pipeline Company

• United Gas Derivatives Company (UGDC)

Facility Awards

GPA Midstream recognizes facilities for operating without a lost time accident or fatality within a specific interval of time or workhours milestone. Click here for a complete list of facility awards earned in 2022.

For additional information about GPA Midstream safety awards, and previous winners, click here.