GPA Midstream and GPSA members take the stage at 2024 CERAWeek

GPA Midstream and GPSA members were key participants in the conversation about the future of energy during the 2024 CERAWeek. The annual meeting is a major event on the energy industry calendar, bringing together global leaders to advance new ideas, insight and solutions to the biggest challenges in energy, the environment, and climate.

Attendees include top executives and ministers from energy companies, utilities, as well as high-level representatives from the manufacturing, policy, and financial sectors.

During CERAWeek, GPA Midstream members highlighted the economic, environmental, and climate benefits of natural gas, and the importance of the midstream to meet the growing worldwide demand for affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy. Executives touched on an array of topics, including energy transition, decarbonization, making responsible use of America's abundant energy resources, and delivering value to shareholders.

Below are comments made by executives from GPA Midstream members during CERAWeek presentations, panels or interviews with media:

“We have an incredible abundance of resources and should be excited about what that has accomplished for our country. We are here to show in an unassailable way that we are reducing emissions in a sustainable way.”

Alan Armstrong, President and CEO, Williams

“We’ve been in an energy transition for 200 years. The country started out using wood as a primary energy source. Then we added coal, we added natural gas, we added nuclear, and now you’ve got geothermal, renewables — solar and wind. And the reason is that the population increased, and the demand increased as the standard of living increased in the United States. The same thing is going to happen in the rest of the world so there’s going to be continued growth in those areas. We believe it’s more about energy addition than energy transition.

When you say transition, you’re implying that you’re moving from one energy source to another, and you’re never going to go back. But if you really study it, it’s more about transformation than it is about transition.”

Pierce Norton, CEO, ONEOK

“There’s been greater recognition of the need for natural gas, helping us support renewables and decarbonize by displacing other fuels here and around the world.”

Chad Zamarin, Executive Vice President – Corporate Strategic Development, Williams

“[America is] the world’s largest oil and gas producer. Oil and gas are going to be needed for decades for secure energy, and are key to energy affordability.”

John Hess, CEO, Hess Corporation

“Natural gas is the greatest decarbonization tool we have.”

Chad Zamarin, Executive Vice President – Corporate Strategic Development, Williams

“The metric needs to be on how to get CO2 down, not which technology we use.”

Christian Bruch, President, Siemens Energy

“The way we make money for our shareholders is moving the molecules from point A to B. We’re taking those molecules and transporting them to where they have the most value.”

Pierce Norton, CEO, ONEOK