GPA Midstream recognizes safety award winners

In today’s general session of the 96th annual GPA Midstream Convention, Chairman Wouter van Kempen, DCP Midstream, and GPA Midstream Association President and CEO Mark Sutton, honored 12 companies with safety awards for their 2016 performances.

The GPA Midstream Safety Awards Program recognizes member companies for outstanding safety performance in comparison among similar companies within the association’s membership.

The four GPA Midstream Safety Award divisions are determined by a range of midstream operational workhours, ranging from less than 50,000 to more than one million, for both United States and non-U.S. based companies.

The top two entries in each division are selected according to lowest total cases incidence rate (TCR), lowest fatalities plus lost workdays incidence rate (LTR) and highest number of workhours reported.

The 2016 safety awards winners are:

Division I (1 million or more Midstream Operational Workhours)

For U.S.-based companies, Enterprise Products (Houston) received first place honors. Second place was awarded to Anadarko Petroleum (The Woodlands, Texas).

Division I first place winner in the international classification was United Gas Derivatives Co., and Saudi Aramco (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia) received second place.

Division II (200,000 - 999,999 Midstream Operational Workhours)

First place in the U.S. Division II category was awarded to M3 Midstream (Houston). Second place honors went to Phillips 66 Co. (Houston).

Within the non-U.S. category, first place winner in Division II was Bahrain National Gas Co.; no companies qualified for second place in this category.

Division III (50,000 - 199,999 Midstream Operational Workhours)

In the U.S. Division III category, Superior Pipeline (Tulsa, Okla.) was honored with the first place award, and second place went to Azure Midstream (Dallas).

Division III international first place honors went to Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd. No companies qualified for second place in this category.

Division IV (less than 50,000 Midstream Operational Workhours)

First place was awarded to Carrera Gas Companies (Tulsa, Okla.). Second place was awarded to Prism Midstream (Bedford, Texas).

No companies qualified for a Division IV award in the non-U.S. category.

Chairman’s Award for Safety Improvement
Enerfin Resources Co. (Houston) received a Chairman’s Award for Safety Improvement for excellence in displaying continuous improvement by reducing its number of recordable accidents.