GPA Midstream Statement: Banning natural gas in federal buildings is no solution

A statement from GPA Midstream President & CEO in response to the Biden administration’s new rule that would end the use of natural gas in federal buildings

GPA Midstream renews its call for a coherent and sensible energy policy based on facts and a real-world understanding of how to achieve the goal of meeting energy demand with a supply that’s cleaner, reliable, and affordable natural gas.

On the same day the Biden administration released its plans for federal buildings, it also announced a commitment to intensify collaboration with the United Kingdom to support international energy security, affordability, and sustainability. The agreement includes increasing U.S. natural gas exports to the UK.This kind of inconsistency —exporting U.S. natural gas while pushing to slash use at home — makes it difficult for midstream companies to confidently invest in expanding America’s energy infrastructure to meet demand, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and provide energy security for the U.S. and its allies.

To achieve a sustainable future with clean, safe, and affordable energy, we need government policies focused on solutions, not politics. That can’t be done by executive order. We can provide the energy we need while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by patiently, persistently, and collaboratively working on the scientific and physical challenges to develop innovative solutions and technologies.

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