GPSA board meeting celebrates longevity and commitment in the midstream industry

At the May 2024 board meeting, GPSA President Ryan Rudnitzki delivered remarks highlighting the contributions and enduring membership of six companies that have been GPSA members for 75+ years. This recognition, and the three-part series about these companies in Midstream News, underscores the association's significant role in supporting and advancing the midstream industry.

“The longevity of their membership is a testament to GPSA’s value and service to the midstream industry,” Rudnitzki said. “Each company remained members through the decades for the same reason we’re here today as members, volunteers and leaders — a shared commitment to driving innovation and excellence across the industry. GPSA harnesses our collective knowledge and experience, which empowers us as individuals, companies, and an industry to address today’s challenges and shape the future of our industry.”

These six companies—Cameron, Koch Engineered Solutions, Emerson, Vinson Process Controls, Black & Veatch, and Parker Hannifin Corp.—have not only survived but thrived through transformative events such as World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Information Age. Their continued membership in GPSA through decades of mergers, acquisitions, and societal changes highlights their commitment to the association and the industry at large.

In recognizing these companies, Rudnitzki honored their pursuit of the American dream, their vision, and their generations of hard work. He also thanked key representatives from these companies for their active involvement in GPSA, acknowledging Kevin Vincent from Cameron, Kevin Currence from Black & Veatch, Sue Ocel from Emerson, Ben Gurtler from Koch Engineered Solutions, Sam Line from Vinson Process Controls, and Marty Riddle from Parker Industrial Process Filtration.

“We’re grateful for your involvement in GPSA,” Rudnitzki said. “And we’re inspired to ensure GPSA retains its role as a leading midstream trade association by sharing our experience to support a growing and active membership.”

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