Let’s Clear the Air plans set for 2023

GPA Midstream’s Let’s Clear the Air campaign enters its second year with a plan to present targeted consumers with messaging offering facts and considerations that are largely overlooked in the public discussion of the future of energy.

Media reports and political rhetoric often focus on long-term goals without due consideration of the resources and work needed to achieve those goals. Let’s Clear the Air research indicates a significant knowledge gap among consumers, which leaves everyday people ill-equipped to evaluate claims made by politicians and advocates.

Through this campaign, GPA Midstream enters the conversation with an invitation to scientifically curious people ages 18-45 to learn more from energy industry experts. We’re dispelling misconceptions, revealing the critical role midstream companies play in the energy value chain, and emphasizing the scale and tradeoffs that must be accounted for in an equitable effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the increase in global temperatures.

The first video of 2023 launches in March with a flight of digital ads designed to engage our target audience. Additional content and advertising — including a new podcast hosted by climate scientist and midstream professional Andrew Parker, SPL — will continue throughout the year online and on popular social platforms.

The campaign is an important effort by GPA Midstream to tell the midstream industry’s story. As our research indicates, consumer knowledge of basic energy issues is lacking, and one of the major gaps is the role of midstream in delivering the energy that drives the economy and lifestyles around the planet.

Learn more about the campaign at LetsCleartheAirNow.org.

Member companies and individuals may support the Let’s Clear the Air campaign financially through the Leading the Charge initiative, which was introduced at GPA’s Feb. board meetings. For more information, contact GPA Midstream Vice President of Communications Kevin Broom.