Let's Clear the Air to launch consumer campaign

Seeking to bring facts, data and realistic perspective to the worldwide conversation about energy, as well as to demonstrate the critical role played by midstream companies, GPA Midstream is entering a consumer-focused phase of the Let's Clear the Air campaign.

"Political discussions and media reports about energy, climate and energy transition too often omit critical considerations and tradeoffs," said GPA Midstream President Joel Moxley. "The midstream is home to experts on what it takes to meet the growing demand for clean, affordable and reliable energy. It's important that we enter the debate and share that expertise."

The new campaign, which launches March 20 on social media platforms and YouTube, asks the target audience of adults, 18-45, to imagine a series of "What if..." questions about energy and their lives.

"The ads are designed to draw the attention of scientifically curious Millennials and Gen Zs," said GPA Midstream Vice President of Communications Kevin Broom. "We want to invoke their curiosity and get them to question how much they know about energy. When they click to the website, we'll provide answers, as well as an invitation to learn more and engage in the conversation."

The initial phase of the 2023 campaign will include several variations of the ads, which will allow GPA Midstream and its partner Hahn Agency, to evaluate the effectiveness of each approach and hone the message for future phases.

"With the energy industry changing seemingly by the day, we have to do more to communicate the value of the midstream," Moxley said. "If we don't tell our story and share our knowledge and experience, no one else will do it for us. Worst of all would be to have the benefits of the midstream industry told by others in a misleading manner."

"Ingrained and sometimes unproductive patterns of thinking about the energy industry need to be shaken up," said Tim Weinheimer, Chief Innovations Officer at Hahn, GPA Midstream’s agency partner. "Our aim for this campaign is to get younger generations to openly discuss the unobvious and challenge orthodoxy without fear."

Let's Clear the Air ads will appear in a variety of online locations, including popular websites among the target audience, Google search, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, from March 20 through May 31.

Individuals and member companies may support the campaign with financial contributions. For additional information, please contact Kevin Broom at kbroom@gpamidstream.org.