Let’s Clear the Air video tackles energy reliability

In the second video of the “Let’s Clear the Air” campaign, GPA Midstream examined some of the economic realities of maintaining energy reliability. Launched earlier this year, Let’s Clear the Air is communicating about challenges of the energy transition, and the midstream’s role in addressing cost, reliability, security, and keeping pace with growing demand.

GPA Midstream created “Let’s Clear the Air” to bring facts to an energy discourse filled with incorrect, oversimplified and misleading information, to address misconceptions about energy production and delivery, and to highlight how the midstream is contributing to a cleaner, affordable and reliable energy future.

The campaign aims to reach millennials with clearly and simply presented facts about the energy industry that dispel myths and provide greater insight into the complexities of producing and delivering energy. Currently, Let’s Clear the Air tackles a dozen questions, including whether the midstream cares about the environment, why oil and gas can’t easily be replaced with solar and wind, and the safety and environmental effects of pipelines.

The campaign’s website also celebrates Energy Heroes — individuals and companies who are making a difference by contributing to the advancement and development of clean energy solutions. Learn more about Let’s Clear the Air’s Energy Heroes.

The newly released video analyzes how energy reliability must encompass short-term and long-term considerations. Midstream companies are adding resources to keep pace with energy demands while also pushing for cleaner energy.

“The energy transition is a delicate balancing act that needs to be done thoughtfully to ensure we don’t waste money and resources, or leave anyone behind,” says the Let’s Clear the Air video. “An abrupt shift in energy sources could lead to significantly higher energy costs alongside lower reliability, which puts the biggest burden on those who may already struggle to keep their lights on.”

The first video in the Let’s Clear the Air series delved into the energy transition, and how the switch from coal to natural gas slashed greenhouse gas emissions during a time when energy demand and production grew. The video highlighted how midstream connects U.S. energy producers to local utilities to make sure people and businesses have electricity when they need it.

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