ONEOK Recognized with Environmental Excellence Award

NEW ORLEANS (April 11, 2016) - ONEOK Partners, headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., was recognized Monday with a GPA Midstream Environmental Excellence Award during the association’s 95th annual convention.

Companies must complete an extensive application in response to the award’s criteria for company projects that demonstrate initiative and leadership in managing their environmental affairs in midstream sector activities. Members of the GPA Midstream Environmental Committee review each application and select the award winner.

ONEOK Partners replaced compressors and associated equipment at the company’s Antioch compressor station, a key gathering infrastructure facility located in Antioch, Okla. The project was initiated to increase reliability of the station, minimize safety events and decrease ONEOK’s environmental footprint.

The Antioch station was originally constructed in 1947, and all equipment, with the exception of a methanol storage tank, was grandfathered. ONEOK made a number of updates, including replacing the facility’s nine vintage slow speed compressors with five high speed compressors, resulting in in significant net emissions reductions of combustion emissions from the facility, as well as significant improvements in combustion efficiency. The installation of the new engines resulted in an 88 percent annual net reduction of nitrogen oxide and a 62 percent carbon monoxide reduction.

ONEOK said the project also allowed for the simultaneous installation of an advanced data system that allows for remote monitoring of the control equipment and equipment status to allow for quicker response time in the event of an upset condition. The company said the data system is installed at all new sites and could be installed at future refurbished locations.

“ONEOK Partners has five key drivers, and one of those is safety and environmental responsibility. There was a major reduction in nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide because of the refurbishment,” the company said in its application. “Also, with the addition of the data system, off site monitoring has increased, and the chance of injury due to upset has decreased. The refurbishment contributed to both parts of this key driver.”

Discussions to refurbish the site began in March 2014, and construction started in November of the same year. The five Caterpillar 3606 four stage -high speed compressors were set in early January, and the nine 1950s vintage slow speed compressors were decommissioned and the site began running in July 2015.

"ONEOK's application and efforts are impressive and are a testament to our members’ commitments to reducing their carbon footprints,” said Matthew Hite, GPA Midstream vice president of government affairs. "We are pleased to highlight their accomplishments with an Environmental Excellence Award.”