Advocacy Advisory Group (AAG)

The Advocacy Advisory Group (AAG) is composed of a small number (5-6) of VP/director level members. This group is chaired by the GPA Midstream senior vice president of Government Affairs and has a basic task of providing advocacy related guidance/leadership to GPA Midstream. Advocacy committees that are under the umbrella of issues discussed by the AAG are: Environmental, Legal, Legislative, Pipeline Safety and Regulatory. AAG members are appointed by the GPA Midstream Executive Committee.

Key tasks for this committee include coordinating with GPA Midstream staff on long-term strategy for GPA Midstream advocacy efforts, focusing the association's advocacy committees on relevant issues, providing counsel to staff with detailed expertise on significant advocacy issues and their impact on midstream companies, and working with the GPA Midstream president/CEO, general counsel and technical groups to bring together midstream resources to address fast-track issues.

Committee Leadership

Chair: Matt Hite, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, GPA Midstream

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