Legislative Committee

GPA Midstream’s Legislative Committee monitors legislative and regulatory activities at the federal level and within the key states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming. The committee develops working relationships with legislative and regulatory leaders and with other associations to benefit and promote the midstream industry.

Each year from January through May, members of this committee, including GPA Midstream’s contracted lobbyists and state coordinators mentioned below, hold bi-weekly conference calls to report on key activities in their respective areas. The Legislative Committee provides comments on specific issues as necessary and also provides guidance to GPA Midstream and member companies on key issues and lobbies GPA Midstream positions on legislation when appropriate.

Federal Activites

GPA Midstream is active at a federal level through GPA’s Midstream office of federal affairs in Washington, D.C. Key tasks include engaging and educating agencies and legislators about the midstream industry. Matthew Hite is GPA Midstream's senior vice president of government affairs and leads GPA Midstream's federal advocacy activities in D.C.

Visit the GPA Midstream Advocacy Comments Library to view GPA Midstream comments filed with federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Information Agency and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

State Activities

GPA Midstream has 11 key states in which a large majority of our member companies have operating interests. Each targeted state has its own team and assigned state coordinator. State coordinators are employees of GPA Midstream member companies engaged in legislative activities within their respective states. The coordinators actively monitor legislation within their states and inform the Legislative Committee of issues that may impact GPA Midstream member companies and the midstream industry, as well as identify issues that GPA Midstream should be aware of and involved in. This team coordinates with member companies and elected officials and also coordinates with other committees on crossover functions.

Committee Leadership

Chair: Vincent DiCosimo, Targa
Vice Chair: TBD
GPA Midstream Staff Liaison: Matthew Hite

Typical Committee Member

Any employee of a GPA Midstream member company interested in participating in or learning more about midstream industry legislative activities is welcome and encouraged to join this committee.

Interaction with other GPA Midstream Committees/Outside Organizations

GPA Midstream’s Legislative Committee works closely with other groups that may share common goals with our organization, such as the Texas Pipeline Association, and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association.

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